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Discordia 「v2: ghastly panic」
by discord the greatest are destroyed.
5th-Jun-2009 06:25 pm - now my love, we must part.
February 15th, 2009 - June 5th, 2009
Rest in peace, we hardly knew ye.

I’ve been dreading this day, honestly, I have, but the reason is quite simple: activity. Everything’s been quiet, and watching Discordia die like this breaks not only my heart, but the other mod’s as well. So the best option is to close it down.

I would like to thank all you muns who played here, however brief our time together had been. It’s been a great ride, but it’s time to part. I bear a heavy heart saying this, after three months of being here. You guys were great, I had fun managing my first ever roleplay on lj. Thanks for putting up with my craziness in general.

Perhaps you can drop by and stalk the other mod and me at sutatanjo. [Ryo and Sunye. Have fun figuring out who the other mod plays.]
Also feel free to stalk me at kaleidoscope_rp, if that’s more of your taste. [Here I play Mirai. :D]
♥ On behalf of the both of us, we shall miss everyone dearly.


Discordia was a fun three months; it had certainly lasted longer than either of us could have thought. Although I didn't get to know all the muns that played, and hopefully had fun doing so, thank you for keeping Discordia alive for as long as it had been. Parting is harsh, but should be kept brief. So to be brief: we'd decided that we'd rather close Discordia than seeing it die.

To those who still rp'd in Discordia up until this closing moment, I apologize that it has come to this. I hope your experience was enjoyable.
♥ Heartbroken Mod
1st-Jun-2009 08:29 pm - [CLOSED] beginning.
the reader. o:
Characters: Kim Bum & Narumi Riko.
Location: School library
Rating: PG
Summary: Kim Bum mistakes Riko for being a student, or something...

There weren't a lot of people at the library, teachers or students alike. It was partly because it was still quite early, and partly because most of the students have class. Today, though, Riko does not have to hold a class until 10, which was why she was spending her time here, lugging a few rather thick volumes of books around as she searched for a good location to sit at.

Normally, she would sit by the windows, so that she could feel the sun's warmth on her, but since it has been raining since early morning, the sun was hidden behind thick rain clouds. That's why, instead of sitting by a window where the pitter-patter of rain would surely distract her, she settled into one of the tables along the centre of the library, dropping the pile of books to a side so that she has enough space to work. The table creaked, and Riko eyed it uncertainly. It better not collapse now.

Sitting down, she pulled out a notepad and pen. She was at the library for a few reasons: first, to make up a lesson plan for all the lessons in the upcoming week. Second, to continue her research on the relationship between spirits and mediums. And, lastly, to understand the Korean culture, which, mind you, would prove to be a real challenge. After learning that the students at St. Margaret's were all transferring over, Riko had decided to learn more about their culture, in order to be a better teacher. But, the thing is, she already found it difficult to truly understand humans - now she was supposed to understand a different culture entirely? Maybe she was aiming too high.
don't bother me. i'm sleeping.
Characters: Narumi Riko, Yamada Ryosuke & whoever.
Location: School garden
Rating: PG

Although Riko had spent the last two days in her room, training herself to regain full control over her use of Massu's - her new medium - energy, she decided to do that outdoors today. Her room was getting stuffy, and two days in a row was already two days too much for her to be stuck facing the four blank walls of her room. She may be a calm one, but staying in the same place for too long has always been unbearable for Riko.

So she had decided to go to the school garden, because the air was supposedly fresher there. Besides, the school garden had always exuded an atmosphere of calm and peace. She was sure it'd do her good if she trained there. There wouldn't be able to shock or provoke her, hence there would be a smaller chance for her to lose control. She hasn't as of yet, but Riko knew that it was going to happen sooner or later. It has happened before, after all, even without the presence of the medium. The fact that she had a medium now just means that if she does lose control, it would cause more damage...

Pushing the thoughts to the back of her mind, she breathed out heavily as she laid across one of the benches in the garden, staring up at the depressingly gray sky. The wooden bench was still moist from the rain, but she didn't mind. The wet felt cool against her back. Closing her eyes, Riko begun to concentrate, reaching into herself to get a sense of how much energy she was currently drawing from Massu.
29th-May-2009 06:07 pm - Term 1, Day 12
Weather: Cold in the morning (7°C/45°F) with mild showers. The sky will clear up by late afternoon and temperature will go up slightly (14°C/57°F).
Events: Rescheduled competition will be on the first week of June (Day 13).

Mod News: Activity check is still going until Day 13.
It's been quiet lately. D:
26th-May-2009 11:26 am - [CLOSED] Health Class Day 01
Characters: STUDENTS ONLY and the Nishikido Ryo (will edit to whoever will attend)
Location: Health classroom
Rating: G
Summary: Ryo holds his first health class

Scanning the empty class room reminded him of his days in high school. He'd like to think that he was a good student. Always attended class and never got in trouble. This time, though, it was a different story. He wasn't going to sit and listen to the teacher. He was the teacher. The one in authority. No, he wasn't going to be one of those "nice" teachers nor was he going to be the "asshole" teacher. Quite frankly, he doesn't know what kind of teacher he was going to be. This was his first day teacher a class but he wasn't nervous. Ryo had already gotten over his stage freight though this wasn't the stage and he wasn't performing in front of a crowd, he was teaching a class.

He sank on his seat as he continued to scan the list of students in his class. His eyes lingered on a certain name, a person whom he had encountered a few days ago. It was inevitable, she was a student here, after all. He just prayed to the gods that she would come but if she did, he prayed that he can finish class without blowing up. No, he wasn't going to give her hell if she did come. It would be terribly unfair of him to do so.

As the bell rang to signal the students to go to class, he waited for them anxiously to come through the door though he was able to put on a calm facade. He was an impatient man and will not tolerate tardiness among his students.

22nd-May-2009 05:59 pm - Term 1, Day 11
Weather: Still cold (11°C/52°F), will remain that way and sky will be overcast.
Events: Rescheduled competition will be on the first week of June (Day 13).
Due to a mishap with a fire spirit in the sister school at Seoul, South Korea, all the students there have been transferred here. Play nice kids.

Mod News: Activity check is still going on, and...
Discordia Mun Appreciation Week!

<3 Thanks for sticking by us all this time, guys.
We originally did plan for a little something as a thank-you present, but testing and such what-nots came in the way.
Expect that relatively soon, in the next two weeks or so. ;D

You can claim up to 4 muses now, since we are now allowing Korean muses into the game.
The rules will be updated, so please go and check them sometime this week.

22nd-May-2009 04:10 pm - [CLOSED] late night apologies?
• hear me sing
Characters: Sawajiri Erika & Yamashita Tomohisa
Location: Dormitory rooftops
Rating: PG
Summary: Erika wants to apologise to him again.

It was already late, and Erika still hadn't seen her spirit for the entire day. Even though she could feel his presence somewhere on school grounds, she found it hard to really locate him, and couldn't deny that she's worried about him. It's been a while that she's been so worried about someone, which is why she found herself consumed by that worry. All she could think about was him and what was happening to him. If she really is the cause of all this, maybe it would be better if she left. She was willing to do that for him.

She sighed. She was making her way up to the roof top, using her crutches for support. She knew that even if she stayed in her room, she wouldn't be able to sleep. Besides, it felt as though so much had happened there that she didn't really want to stay, either. So, instead of trying to force herself into a sleepless night, Erika had decided to make her way to the roof.

The roof was completely bare. A stark contrast against the interior of the building. But it didn't matter to her as she sat down somewhere in the middle, laying her crutches by her side, and laid on her back as her eyes studied the sky. It was cold night, but a beautiful one. Stars decorated the sky. Erika had always liked stars. They calmed her. But, somehow, tonight they weren't having that effect on her.

[OOC: Okay. Weird. Very weird. D:]
20th-May-2009 10:24 am - [Closed] What will happen?
Characters: Indou Kaho, Arioka Daiki
Location: Nyx Dorm
Rating: PG
Summary: Daiki just got into a fight, and what happened if Kaho runs into him?

He rubbed the bruise on his cheek. Daiki had gone into another fight, but he was lucky enough that no one else were there. But it was a matter of time that he got found out though. That guy had initially spoke bad about him, right infront of his face. But when Daiki ignored him, he blocked Daiki's path, agitating him even further. His opponent was tougher this time though, apparently ready to pick a fight with Daiki.

He walked with a slight limp back to his room. Kaho was most likely to be attending classes right now so he wasn't really worried about running into her. He had to be careful about running into lecturers though, anyone who sees him would know that he had been in a fight, given the bruises and gashes on his face.

Daiki opened the door slowly, and once he made sure that Kaho wasn't inside her room, he got inside quickly and plopped onto his futon. He let out a sigh. He reached up to touch a cut on his face, and to find it that it was still bleeding. His instincts told him to go get a first-aid kit, but he felt like all of his energy had depleted and he was too tired to move.
16th-May-2009 12:23 pm - [Closed] Work and Distractions

Characters: Aiba Masaki, Sakurai Sho
Location: Observatory (Sho's office)
Rating: PG
Summary: A moment between the two.

He sighed. The amount of paperwork piling on his table never seems to be decreasing. There are tests to be marked, exam questions to be set and lessons to be planned. Speaking of paperwork, he had asked Aiba to go pick up a new set of paperwork and some student profiles from the main office and the said guy was still nowhere to be found with said item.

Given that he had knew Aiba for around 9 years now, Sho reckoned that he must have got distracted and most probably, forgot to do what Sho had requested him to do.

Letting out a defeated sigh, he called out to his spirit telepathically. "Aiba," Telepathy was a useful skill, especially when he was busy and has no time to go running around in the campus, looking for him. "Aiba, have you helped me picked up the paperwork that I've asked you to?"

15th-May-2009 09:51 pm - Term 1, Day 10
Weather: Somewhat humid around dawn with temperatures at 48°F. As the sun rises, it'll drop to 40°F. Sky'll be very cloudly throughout the day. High wind speed. By night, temperature'll be as low as 33°F.

Events: Rescheduled competition will be on the first week of June (Day 13)

Muse Update: There is now an Aiba in Discordia ;D

Mod News: Mods shall be doing activity check. If you want to keep your muse, please update your journal and/or participate in a log.
13th-May-2009 11:20 pm - [CLOSED] a new start.
the reader. o:
Characters: Masuda Takahisa (butasama) & Narumi Riko (su_kiyaki)
Location: Massu's room.
Rating: G.
Summary: Riko seeks out her new medium.

It was right after her... talk with Dai-chan that she found the letter on her table, undoubtedly from the headmistress (or, more likely, the vice, Morimoto-san) given the style of the entire letter itself. It had seemingly appeared out of nowhere, since Riko hadn't seen it before, but she didn't question it and just read through the letter, as expected.

Inside, it was stated that she had been officially assigned to a medium. More specifically, she had just become Masuda-san's spirit. To be honest, she didn't know what to think. She didn't really want a new medium. It may just end in a death, and she sure didn't want that. At least it appears that she has quite a nice medium. Though she doesn't know Masuda-san well, from the few meetings that they had had after she came back, he appears to be quite friendly. The only thing that should bother her as a person is that he's the maths teacher, and Riko really, really hated maths.

Leaving the letter opened on the table, she left her room and headed down the hallway to where she knew Masuda-san's room was located. She wondered if they were going to share a room, but she was assuming that she'd still have her own room - after all, they're teachers. Their rooms act as their offices as well. Looking at the door, Riko took a deep breath, and gave two, curt knocks on the door. "Masuda-san?"

She hadn't realised how nervous she had gotten.
13th-May-2009 09:35 pm - [closed] Playing? hell no!
Characters: Ninomiya Kazunari and Chinen Yuri
Location: Apollo dorm
Rating: PG to be safe
Summary: Just a usual interaction between a spirit and his medium...

Nino skipped a class that day, simply because he woke up 5 minutes late, while at the same time he did not feel like attending one himself. It was a nice day, with nice weather, but he had had a foul mood even since his eyes were opened, and it simply ruined the whole day. A bad start was never a good idea, and Nino had had too many experiences to prove it.

He slipped off his bedroom, strolling around while keeping an eye of his surrounding. He, after all, was skipping a class, so seeing him during this hour wouldn't do him good.

Nino was enjoying his walk so far, until a certain small spirit was spotted. Great, Run for your life, he thought. Too bad, he was not cautious enough to notice that the floor was quite slippery, enough to make him tripped down, making a contact with the hard floor.

[ooc: Sorry, it's a bit weird in a way...^^"]
13th-May-2009 12:35 pm - [Closed] Tea-Time

Characters: Morimoto Ryutarou, Chinen Yuri
Rating: PG
Location: Vice-principal's office
Summary: Tea-time at the vice's office.

Chinen was skipping down the hallway, humming softly to himself. He was in a good mood because he was just assigned to a new medium. Having a new medium means that he can have a person to hang out with all the time. His medium was nowhere to be found and he thought he would go visit Ryutarou. He had brought a chocolate cake, he initially wanted to eat it by himself, but it was too boring to eat it alone and so he brought it along, so they can enjoy it together.

He stopped in front of the vice-principal's office. Not bothering to knock the door, he opened a small gap first, just to check if he was in. "Ryu-chan?" He put his head through the gap that he had made.

don&#39;t bother me. i&#39;m sleeping.
Characters: Arioka Daiki (recoshen) & Narumi Riko (su_kiyaki)
Location: Riko's room.
Rating: PG.
Summary: Erm. Daiki goes to Riko's room on purpose and ends up walking in on a nightmare.

She hadn't meant to fall asleep.

She really hadn't mean to. She had been going through paperwork (Paperwork? Why does she even have paperwork? She's a music teacher, for God's sake!) when gradually she found herself drifting. She couldn't help it. She had had a bad night's sleep, only to wake up early in the morning despite the absence of a class, so Riko had already been exhausted. Added on top of that was the paperwork. I'm sorry, but it's boring. Riko still hasn't reached 20 years old yet. It was hard not to find it just a little too dull for her taste, no matter how mature she may be.

So she fell asleep.

It hurts...

They shoved her against the wall of the bathroom, smirks stretching their features into ugly hawks. "Tsukamoto~" One of the girls was saying, her voice a taunt. From somewhere behind her, a pair of scissors showed up. Riko could only glare back fiercely, lips tightened into a thin line as she waited for what was to come. The girls laughed, jaunting her. "Would you like a little hair cut?"

She was held down as the girl with the scissors advanced on her, before finally she was snipping left and right, here and there. Riko didn't struggle. There was no point. Physically, she was a lot weaker than them. Even though she knew that she could do so much more, there was no point. It seemed to last forever, this 'haircut' that they were giving her, when finally she finished, dragging the blade of the scissors across her cheek. It hurts. It was cutting through the tenderness of her skin, leaving her to bleed. "Why don't you fight back?"

Then the situation was reversed in a matter of seconds, and they were standing in flames. No - she was the only one that was standing. The four girls were lying on the ground, already lifeless. She stumbled, as though jolted out of a trance.

"... I'm sorry..." Riko spoke, her voice pained in her sleep. Her arms were crossed, serving as a pillow under her head, and she was facing off to one side. Tears were seeping from the corner of her eyes, rolling down to the material covering her forearms. "Sorry..."
10th-May-2009 12:16 am - [closed] Stay With Me
Characters: Yamashita Tomohisa, Sawajiri Erika
Location: Aphrodite dorm
Rating: PG
Summary: To be honest, I have no idea. Will change when I get the idea of where this log is heading XD

It was too early in the morning yet Tomohisa was already awake. In fact, he had not slept at all the whole night. At least that way, his memories wouldn't haunt him in his dreams. He was lucky that the competitions had been reschedule. Otherwise, he would've been too weak to compete. Not to mention, he wasn't sure now if he should draw energy considering that danger that it might impose on her.

He rested his body on alcove window though not daring to close his eyes despite the strong urge to do so. The anxiety of remembering was very much alive within him. He would rather deprive himself from sleep. He yawned continued to stare at the window as the sun was slowly appearing from the horizon. Yesterday was a bit chilly but today was a hot and humid day. So hot that he had to remove his shirt and cool off a bit.

He glanced at her from the corner of his eyes as he watched her sleep. Unconsciously, his mind went back to what happened yesterday. At this point, he wasn't so sure where they both stand. Lovers? Friends? Enemies? She had left without telling him. He spent the entire night pondering on this thought.

[ooc: Sry if its weird. I'm so sleepy]

8th-May-2009 06:12 pm - Term 1, Day 9
Weather: Hot (31°C/88°F) and humid throughout the whole day, remaining so until late into the night.
Events: Competition rescheduled.

Mod News: Since I'm aware that people seem to be under stress and that testing has been/will be taking place this whole month, I've decided to reschedule the competitions until everyone has more free time on their hands.
Characters: Basically everyone. XD Narumi Riko, Akanishi Jin, Hongo Kanata, Kaho, Mizusawa Elena, Ninomiya Kazunari, Sawajiri Erika, Shida Mirai, Ueda Tatsuya, Yamashita Tomohisa, Yamada Ryosuke, Arioka Daiki, Horikita Maki, Kamenashi Kazuya, Aragaki Yui, Gackt - tell me if I've missed anyone. x:
Location: Music room.
Rating: G
Summary: Music class. ♥

Only two days ago, Morimoto-sensei had been talking about how the use of a spirit's power may lead to harm to both spirit and medium. While it does not affect the mediumless Riko (in the sense that there was no medium for her to worry over), those words worry her. She didn't know what to think of what was happening, but still it worries her, both as a spirit and as a teacher. She was only starting to feel the beginnings of a teacher's attachment of her students, but still she worries for them. Mediums may still remain as strange, faraway creatures to her, but she knew that they were weak beings. She wasn't sure if they'd be able to overcome this.

The bell rung.

Jolted out of her thoughts, Riko sighed, pressing the tip of the marker to the whiteboard once again as she continued to finish writing the lesson objectives for the day. The students were going to come in any time soon. She had to put on a strong front - especially for some of the younger students - because she was a teacher. She couldn't possibly allow them to feel panicked because even the teacher was unsure as to what to do. This was the responsibility that Riko had placed onto herself.
1st-May-2009 09:28 pm - Term 1, Day 8
Weather: Light showers over night, sky clears up by sunrise. Cool, around 56 degree F, and very cloudly through the day. Gets very humd, around 69 degree F, by late-afternoon. Heavy showers starting from sunset.

Competition Day 9

Mod News:

- Nakajima Yuto and Kashino Yuka has been cut.
- To teachers: please hold classes for your subjects. one class per "day."
  the class to be held is based on a first come first serve basics. so.. the quickest to post hold their class ;D
- To all muns: i understand that replying to spirit/medium-only logs are annoying, and maybe class threads too, but it's kinda hard to develop the main plot/story if everyone's reluctant to reply.
   Although this said, the logs with Ryutarou and Olivia will be overlooked, more like just Ryutarou's since it served it's use, but keep this in mind for future logs? D: please and thank you.
30th-Apr-2009 04:59 pm - [CLOSED] partners in dining
[CLOSED] Partners In Dining
Characters: Masuda Takahisa, Fukada Kyoko
Location: local cafe
Rating: G
Summary: Every now and then, Kyoko hears of newly opened establishments that tickle her fancy. Scoffing at the large pile of paperwork on her desk, she decides to check out the Cafe Victoire, the latest and trendiest cafe known for its to-die-for pastries. And of course, there is only one person she could stand for company to such a place: Massu.


Contrary to popular belief, Kyoko did not dress her best for dates or formal events. Of course, she was always well-dressed, and she always looked stylish, but she was most careful about her attire when she was about to try something new. Whether it was traveling to a new country, watching a new stageplay, or viewing a fashion exhibit, Kyoko was always excitedly preparing at least an hour and a half beforehand. Trying out a new cafe was no different, and today she was out the door with her hair set and her earrings in place before the last bell rang.

Humming to herself, she made her way through the school with her heels consistently tapping and her hand clutching her purse. Cafe Victoire had been racking up a reputation for months now, but she never had the chance to try it yet. Today she was looking through a pile of monotonous student records when it occurred to her, and she had immediately sent a message to Masuda-sensei. It was a command more than a request--Cafe Victoire is waiting for us! We're going today! ~Kyoko >:D--but she knew Masuda-sensei well enough to know that he didn't mind. Besides, she'd added the appropriate incentive: PS: European pastries, assortment plates available!

In brief time she was there, and she chose a nice spot to sit outside. Authoritatively, she told the busboy that she was waiting for someone, and she would order after he'd arrived.

Title: [MEDIUMS ONLY] Curiouser and Curiouser
Characters: Olivia Lufkin, Akanishi Jin, Hongo Kanata, Kaho, Mizusawa Elena, Ninomiya Kazunari, Sawajiri Erika, Shida Mirai, Ueda Tatsuya
Location: Auditorium [Late Evening]
Rating: PG
Summary: St. Helene’s has a long history of secrets; Olivia doesn’t mind sharing, as long as the students figure everything out themselves.

Heels clicking on the wooden stage, Olivia kept her gaze straight, walking to the podium before facing the tittering students below. They didn’t seem to have suffered any major side-affects—save for Sawajiri, but she was a different story—but their spirits, that was another matter. In all the years this had been commencing and they had been working on it, there hadn’t been a single mishap, but then again, the previous times had all been failures. The one time they succeeded, the one time things were right, the worst case scenario happened. If Ryutarou hadn’t been there, she couldn’t imagine how the outcome of everything would have changed. Rapping her nails on the podium while waiting for the students to settle down, she sighed. They were a noisy bunch. While waiting, details were reviewed over, making sure that she knew what she could tell the students, what she would be implying, and what would be strictly off limits.

“Silence!” her voice resonated through the auditorium and a small smile appeared on her face, intentional, unintentional, all for you to decide. Chatter died out almost immediately, turning the whole atmosphere almost frigidly quiet. “Oh dear, the mike’s loud.” Readjusting the microphone, the headmistress spoke, “Some of you might have noticed that your spirits might be behaving oddly, let it be headaches or fainting, or even something more severe. Some of you, however, your spirits have no symptoms at all; consider yourselves the unlucky ones.” Clearing her throat, Olivia scanned her eyes over the students, seeing them start to whisper amongst each other again. “The use of your spirit’s powers will be strictly prohibited unless monitored by a member of the staff, preferably Morimoto-sensei or Narumi-sensei, and will be punished by means of severing until the matter at hand it cleared; however, this will not hinder us from holding the tournament in two days.”

Clasping her hands together, the next words were chosen carefully. “Any questions? I will answer them to the best of my abilities.”
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